HDF Door and Drawer Fronts

High Density Fiberboard (HDF) Cabinet Fronts offered in Flat and Raised Panel Styles


Why HDF?

     High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is a great alternative to wood for doors with opaque finishes. It offers several benefits over both solid wood and MDF. HDF provides square, warp resistant fronts. Our flat panel doors are two piece with a 3/8” panel, insuring greater stability. HDF construction eliminates joints that move, causing costly go-backs.

The surface of HDF is smoother and less porous than MDF. HDF absorbs less primer because of its higher density, reducing labor and material. The doors are perfectly square making 1/8” reveals easy. We offer a variety of one and two piece door styles that can be ordered unfinished. Machine marks are minimal, requiring a few strokes of 220 paper.



What makes our HDF doors different?

      Most one-piece door profiles are no more than an RTF door, less the foil, hence larger radii with little detail. Our door and drawer fronts have tight inside corners and crisp details that rival five-piece doors.


HDF Door Style Gallery