ACS Launches New Cabinet Fronts

Atlanta Cabinet Shop Inc. has launched a new line of contemporary cabinet fronts available online. The new product line includes both shaker style (5-piece) and slab style door and drawer fronts available in many material choices. The focus is on high-gloss acrylics and textured TFL.

Don Clements, President of ACS, stated: “Our goal is to become the premier source for TFL and Acrylic cabinet fronts in the south”.

Founded in 1928, ACS has concentrated their efforts for two decades on panel processing. Gary Balcom, Chief Operations Officer said, “We excel in panel processing and the new product line is a perfect fit for our operation.  We will offer a quality door, sized to their needs, with short lead times.  We have invested in equipment and developed processes that will benefit our customers.   The new TFL and high-gloss acrylic materials are amazing, and are beginning to rival solid wood in appearance.”

Currently, ACS has 30 plus material choices.  This includes 10 high gloss options.  Utilizing modern edgebanding equipment, ACS uses zero-edge technology on all Solid Color Fronts, resulting in a visually seamless edge. Depending on the material selection, the new products’ core material is MDF or particleboard.  All board is Carb 2 compliant. 


Material choices include Uniboard, DixieLam, StyleLite, and Panasphere, among others. “We are excited about the look, feel and performance of the new TFL panels.” Clements commented. ACS continues to grow their product catalog, and many products are available now.  “Our online order system is fast and easy, and available 24/7. We want to partner with our customers, not just be another supplier” Balcom stated.

About ACS

ACS, located in the Atlanta GA area, is a premier source for contemporary cabinet fronts. ACS offers an easy online quotation/order entry platform and produces high-quality door and drawer fronts using the latest materials and technology. Their unique approach offers customers a better experience, increases quality and reduces lead times.
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