Got Scratches?

Got Scratches?

Removing scratches, cleaning, polishing and a little advice about StyleLite high gloss acrylics

I remember when I went to work for my dad over 40 years ago. I asked him how to deal with some laminate cabinets that had been scratched. His answer was simple, “don’t let them get scratched in the first place”. That’s good advice, but we still had scratches to deal with. Unfortunately, there is little or nothing that can be done with HPL. You replace the part or re-laminate.  We’ve added StyleLite high gloss acrylic panels to our line up and with a little effort, scratches can be polished out depending on the severity.

New Developments in Tooling for Shaker MDF Doors

Here at ACS, we’re always looking for ways to improve our machining process and quality.  Recently our friends at Guhdo asked if we were willing to try out some their new FOURCUT bit on for MDF Shaker doors.  (We’ll be offering these doors on our website shortly, stay tuned!). Of course we did, and we were happy with the results!  It left a very clean cut, and was quiet in operation. You can see the video here.

Technology Integration Fuels ACS Growth

Buford, GA: ACS Inc., a manufacturer of cabinet door and drawer fronts specializing in TFL and acrylic high-gloss material, credits recent growth to new technology being used on and off the shop floor. After creating and launching a customizable product configurator and shopping cart on their website, ACS is seeing increased interest and revenue from cabinet shops throughout the southeast. ACS’s e-commerce website is fully integrated with their ERP system and their CAD software.

Product Configurators in the Cabinet Industry

It is not a secret that small and medium size cabinet shops are cautiously scaling up to meet greater demand in 2018. With this said, component suppliers should not presume that more business will come their way without investment in proactive customer solutions. One such solution that is continuing to gain traction in the cabinet component industry is web-based product configurators connected to an e-commerce platform.