ACS to be featured on CMA shop tour ahead of IWF 2018

The International Woodworking Fair (IWF) is coming to Atlanta in August, and ACS is excited to be one of three Atlanta companies featured on a pre-IWF shop tour organized by the Cabinet Makers Association (CMA). 

We’re pleased to invite our clients and friends to join us for the 8 a.m. tour stop at ACS. All shops are welcome to attend the ACS tour; CMA membership is not a requirement. You may RSVP via email to

The topics will include LEAN manufacturing, continuous improvement and our work cell approach to production.

ACS uses state-of-the-art software, machinery, first-class material handling equipment and an optimized shop layout. These assets have allowed us to create value for other shops by delivering quality components - acrylic, TFL and MDF doors.


Our precise manufacturing process produces the finest laminate doors in the industry. All solid colors use Zero Edge banding, which results in a visually seamless product. Wood grains receive a matching 1mm conventional banding.

Our LEAN approach reduces lead time and allows us to ship our fronts within 10 business days. It also provides consistency so our customers can expect the same high-quality standards on every door they receive.

Industry 4.0 integration enables orders to flow seamlessly from our online store through our shop, from start to finish. Customers place orders online with our product configurator, ensuring accuracy and ease of use.

“We’re pleased to share our set-up and some of the best practices we’ve developed with CMA tour participants and our Atlanta-area friends and clients,” says Don Clements, ACS President. “The tour is a great opportunity to see our operation firsthand, learn more about our products and meet your woodworking peers.”

We hope you’ll join us!

ACS is located at 1885 Enterprise Drive, Buford, GA 30518. Want to join us for the ACS stop on the Cabinet Makers Association shop tour? RSVP via email to