Why we chose a 2 pc design for our HDF Flat Panel Doors

Why did we decide to offer something that is harder to make than a one-piece door?  Isn’t that against the grain of most manufacturer’s?  Well, not here.  We want to do what is best for our customer.  And for us, the benefits of the two piece door to our customer outweigh the additional work on our end.  We’re offering a premium product, in both aesthetics and quality, at a very reasonable price point.

ACS 101-A HDF Door

In our flat panel doors, a 3/8” MDF panel is recessed into a 3/4” HDF frame.  The benefits of two piece construction are simple enough; flatter doors, less sanding, and easier painting.   Because our design is a balanced construction, it does not have the tendency to warp, as a 1 piece door will.  It also looks much nicer on the back of the door. 

ACS 102-C HDF Door

In the early stages, we had full intentions of offering a one-piece shaker style HDF door.  At first, everything went as planned.  We researched and sought after the best material we could find.  We spent time finding the best tooling on the market and even took the time to develop the best tooling paths.  Everything went well until we wanted some finished samples we could show off.  Our best people sanded the doors before we took them to the finisher, then we checked them over to ensure quality. 

I stood by the finisher and watched the first layer of primer hit the recessed surface. It wasn’t immediately obvious, but during the curing process, we began to see the myriad of spots that would need further attention. Here is where the labor starts to add up. Everyone knows that a well-prepped product will paint better, and ultimately look better with far less labor. We decided then and there that our product would need to improve this pain point for our customer. So we researched and developed our two piece door design.

If you want to learn about saving time and money on painted projects, I urge you browse our selections, or reach out to us here and ask for a sample.